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City of Corpus Christi, Texas
Organizational Development

CDL Manager

This page is a resource for Managers of Corpus Christi City employees that require a CDL in order to perform their job function.

CDL Training for City Employees

The City of Corpus Christi pays for CDL driver training for employees whose position requires a CDL license.

The CDL training program prepares City employees to pass the Texas written and driving tests. City employees are required to sign a training agreement to remain in a position with the City requiring a CDL license for at least 24 months or reimburse the cost of the training program. City employees are allowed up to 3 chances to pass their written and skills test at DPS. Failing to do so will result in starting test process over and paying additional fees that student will be responsible for.

1)  Ensure that your employee meets these minimum standards

  • Must have a valid TX drivers license
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must not have more than three moving violations on driving record in past three years
  • Must be able to pass a Department of Transportation physical and drug screen.

2)  Have prospective employees fill out the Corpus Christi Training Agreement and Contract for the CDL Training Program


3) Department Manager will upload completed contract below

Del Mar College Workforce Development Center

City of Corpus Christi Training Agreement & Contract

City Employees entering this training program must read, understand, and agree to the requirements in this contract.
  1. Ensure employee initials each of the seven paragraphs.
  2. Manager must complete the Manager Information (to include an email and phone number) and must include the Billing Code(s).
  3. Employee must complete the Employee Information section, sign, and date.

3)  Contact Del Mar College to determine the next available class and to register your personnel for training

  • Use this link to preview the Del Mar College program of instruction:
  • The schedule (next training dates) can be found here.
  • Contact Transportation Training Services at Del Mar College: 4101 Old Brownsville Road, Corpus Christi, TX, phone: 361-698-2707; email:
  • Provide Del Mar College with the name. phone number and email address of your personnel to attend training, and the date requested to start class
    • Manager will select a class date at least two weeks from date of initial contact.
    • Del Mar College will send the Trucking Application found under Trucking Resources directly to the prospective student.

4)  Manager will upload the Training Agreement & Contract HERE

  • HR-ODD does not need the DOT Medical Card.  DO NOT send the DOT Medical Card to HR-ODD

5)  It is the Manager’s responsibility to ensure their employees arrive to training prepared for class, and ensure the employees are present for training each day (employees will receive pay while in the training) 

  • Students must bring the following items with them on the first day:
    • Valid Texas driver’s license
    • DOT medical card
    • Paper and pen (to take notes)
    • Check or money order made out to Texas DPS in the amount of $25 for the permit testing fee
    • Face coverings are recommended but not required
  • In addition, in order to obtain their permit, students must have access to:
    • Social Security Card (DPS does NOT accept laminated Social Security cards)
    • Certified copy (with a seal) of student’s Birth Certificate
    • Two (2) proofs of residency (use this link for determining acceptable proof of residency):
      • DPS realizes everyone’s situation is different and may accept other proof of residency.  This will be covered on the first da of class.
  • Students will report to the Del Mar College West Campus, Workforce Development Center, room 148, no later than 7:30 am the first day of training (see map below)
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