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City of Corpus Christi, Texas
Organizational Development

Tuition Assistance

The Employee Tuition Assistance Program provides reimbursement of tuition for classes at any accredited higher educational institution.

Helping You Succeed

This program provides reimbursement of tuition up to $500 per course and up to $2,000 per fiscal year for full-time employees.

Fees for workshops, seminars, licensing certification training, costs or expenses for membership and/or fees associated with certification in professional organizations are not reimbursable under this program.


Applying for approval and reimbursement is easy. Please follow the steps below for each course you would like to take.


Eligibility for the Tuition Assistance Program requires approval from your supervisor. Please download the form below and email it to for logging into your employee file.
A new form will be submitted once per fiscal year.


Complete only after a Supervisor Approval Form for FY2024 has been submitted.
Please submit one request for each course.

Submit proof of course registration, estimated costs, and course start and end dates.

Course must end within Fiscal Year 2024 (Oct 2023-Sep 2024).

Requests are processed in the order they are received and availability of funds.


After you have completed your course, you must submit a reimbursement packet.
This packet includes the reimbursement form, proof of grade, and receipts associated with the cost of the course.

Submit one reimbursement form per course.

DOWNLOAD THE REIMBURSEMENT PDF FORM AND PREPARE it for upload before you use the online form.

Fees for workshops, seminars, licensing certification training, costs or expenses for membership and/or fees associated with certification in professional organizations are not reimbursable under this program.

Important Form Processing Dates

We process Tuition Assistance forms once a month.

Paperwork ReceivedApproximate Notification Date
JanuaryFebruary 20
FebruaryMarch 20
MarchApril 20
AprilMay 20
MayJune 20
JuneJuly 20
JulyAugust 20
AugustSeptember 20
SeptemberOctober 20
OctoberNovember 20
NovemberDecember 20
DecemberJanuary 20

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Questions about Supporting Documentation?

We recommend using an unofficial transcript or a screenshot of your final class grade. 

Please do not send the grades of individual assignments or unconverted "points" .

Acceptable formats include letter grades (A, B, C, etc.) or numerical grades (0 - 100 scale). Pass/Fail is also an acceptable format. 

Good Submission: 


This sample unofficial transcript has: The student name, the class name and/or number and the final grade. This documentation would be approved.

Unapproved Submission: 


This submission does not have a student name, does not include a final student grade, and shows the individual assignments. This photo would be rejected and the employee would need to resubmit. It also does not include the class name and/or number.[/caption]

Good Submission: 

This transcript has the student's name, the course number, and/or name, as well as the Pass/Fail status. This would be accepted.

We recommend taking a screenshot or asking your school's bursar for a receipt. A billing statement is also acceptable. It should include your name, the term, the price breakdown of tuition and fees as well as proof of payment.

This is an example of a billing statement. It has all of the requisite information: Student Name, Term, Tuition, and fee breakdown as well as proof of payment.
This billing statement reflects a billing plan however; Marilyn Monroe would not be eligible for reimbursement due to not completing her payment plan yet with the school.


This bursar receipt also has all the required information. Student name, term, tuition and fees as well as amounts paid.

The limit for reimbursement for Fy24 is $2,000.

You are welcome to submit screenshots, PDFs, or scans for your documents. Please avoid submitting Word documents. Ensure that all images are clear and legible. If submitting a screenshot, make sure the text is large enough to be easily read.

If you are enrolled in multiple classes, please submit your complete transcript. Reimbursement will be provided for courses where you earned a grade of "C" or higher. It is important to note that the reimbursement amount is dependent on the grades attained. Courses that were dropped or not successfully completed will not be eligible for reimbursement.

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