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City of Corpus Christi, Texas
Organizational Development


Honoring Your Achievements

The City of Corpus Christi recognizes and celebrates examples of excellence in providing results and outstanding customer service. We are so excited to be recognizing all the amazing employees who work at the City of Corpus Christi!

These employees help inspire creativity, improve our productivity and motivates the entire organization!

Everyone, including our citizens, is able to recognize individuals and teams who contribute in a significant and exceptional manner.


The purpose of the City of Corpus Christi’s Recognition Program is to:
  1. Recognize individuals and groups of individuals who contribute in a significant and exceptional manner by a special act.
  2. Recognize and celebrate examples of excellent customer service;
  3. Positively reinforce excellence in providing results and outstanding customer service.

Years of Service Award

Years of service pins are awarded to employees based on years of service as a full-time employee with the City of Corpus Christi, beginning with the first service pin after five years of continuous service and then awarded in 5-year intervals up to 45 years of service. How it works: The Human Resources department calculates the years of service and sends pins to each department.
Name of Award Recipient
Juan ZamoraChristian SanchezHector Hurtado
Enrique Cordova John Olivarez Martin Ortiz
Noe Guzman Joseph Burgos Gabriel Anderson
Tyler Stanley Juan Mares Jose Cruz
Jayson Hernandez Xuan Dinh Rafael Soto
Gabriel Cerda
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