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Employee Engagement Survey Countdown

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re taking this survey to understand how employees are feeling about their work and the organization as a whole.

The survey focuses on the overall employee experience including factors like work environment, satisfaction, and engagement levels, rather than evaluating individual managers or directors.

Rate your overall work environment. Whether you have been with the organization six (6) months or thirty (30) years, you should rate your current work environment.

No, this survey is administered by a third party and then the results are sanitized and anonymized before the City or your manager ever looks at the reports. Departments which have fewer than 4 people will be rolled up into a larger report within your department. This way even those who are in a small department enjoy the benefit of anonymity.

The survey will open on June 10th and close on June 21st. 

While your participation is highly encouraged to gather comprehensive feedback, the survey is voluntary.

Your employee ID is used by Gallup to prevent duplicate submissions. Your employee ID and your responses will never be connected when results are reported to the city. Gallup is a third party and will anonymize all data prior to sharing with the City.

City Manager may share City-wide trends with all employees. Your department directors may also share department specific trends with their teams.

We will have a URL and QR code available on the Learning Institute’s website as well as our City Intranet. Employees will be able to use this link and their employee ID to participate. Survey results are anonymized by Gallup, our third-party provider, prior to being released to the City.

The survey will be available in Spanish. Participants can easily select their language preference from a drop-down menu at the beginning of the survey. This feature is part of our commitment to inclusivity and ensuring all voices are heard and valued. We encourage employees to select the language in which they feel most confident expressing their thoughts and experiences.

When the survey launches, an email announcement will be sent to all eligible employees. City Employees will be able to use the link provided in the email to contact Gallup directly if they experience any issues while completing the survey. This link will also be available on the Learning Institute’s website and City Intranet.

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